Szczecin University Institute of Sociology and Szczecin division of the Polish Sociological Association,

Working Group 01 “Sociology of Local Global Relations” of  ISA

 invite you to the VI th International  Conference:

Nations, Regions, Organizations: Cultures of Consumption”

15-16th October 2020, Szczecin


We would like to inform you that this year’s conference will be held remotely via electronic media. In the face of unpredictable factors related to the pandemic and independent of the organizers, including possible increase of infections in the autumn period, holding this conference in a traditional form is highly risky. Therefore, we propose an on-line form.

We are convinced that the meeting conducted in this manner will not differ in terms of content from the previous ones.

The intention of the conference organizers is also to maintain the current regularity of our meetings, which falls into this year calendar.

The 6th edition of the International Scientific Conference, dedicated to the analysis of social impact of the diversity of cultures, will be focusing on the discuss issues related to the role of consumption in the socio-cultural process. The spheres of culture and consumption are deeply connected, their development is mutually dependent and also raises a lot of problems.

The contemporary consumption exposes problems of cultural development.  The tendency of “economization of life” are clearly visible. The desire to improve the comfort of life, the level of pleasure and satisfaction leads to a „culture of hedonism”.  The awareness of the ecological crisis creates an alternative orientation focused on “responsible consumption”.  The confrontation of these orientations should be the subject of the theoretical and empirical analysis.

During the conference we would like to focus on the following topics:

  • cultures of consumption in a local and global context
  • consumption and consumerism in public discourse
  • life styles and consumption
  • assessment of “life economization” by individuals, groups and communities
  • identification, self-realization and consumption in contemporary cultures
  • the differentiation of the cultures and consumption: local response to new global order
  • creating needs and creating consumption’s restrictions in modern cultures
  • tendencies of diversification in culture and consumption
  • mass-media and social networks as spaces creating culture of consumption
  • pandemic and the reconstruction of consumption cultures

Languages: English, Polish.

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Contact info: Wioleta Bryniewicz ( e-mail: )

Important dates:

  • 01/09/2020 – Deadline for registrations 
  • 15/09/2020 – Deadline for sending abstracts (max 300 words)  
  • 01/10/2020 – The conference programme issue 
  • 31/01/2021 – Deadline for sending texts for publication

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